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Zén-sational : The Living Room

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Final Chapter

Two more guests arrived so we adjourned to the "upper room" earlier than expected. What a dazzling array of desserts that came in five different courses!

The living room is on the top floor of the shophouse that has spiral stairs leading up to I don't know what. Please update me on this if you've been up there.

Sea Buckthorn Sorbet
Dessert #1

Dessert #1

Sea buckthorn sorbet, sea lettuce, blue & green tea

With added Scandinavian sea buckthorn oil, this bright orange berry is chockful of Omega 7. The "crisp" on top of the sorbet is caramelized seaweed. There were matcha crumbles at the bottom and oolong tea mousse on the top. It's always a good time for icy treats in this crazy hot country, and I love tartness in anything.

Rum-Raisin Semifreddo
Dessert #2

Dessert #2

Rum-raisin semifreddo, PX, oat muesli, foie gras

This was like ice-cream covered in frozen foie gras "snowflakes". The feeling was just incredible that I did not have to apologize for not sharing this with anyone. Can you imagine if we could have this to go, or on a food delivery system???

Apple Pie
Dessert #3

Dessert #3

Hanuka golden apples & cloudberry cobbler, tonka

Just don't forget to heap on the cream with tonka beans and almonds on this pie which we shared four-ways. The crumble was just so buttery and it was my first time being served pie with an edible rose in the middle of it *delightful squeal*.

Dessert #4

Dessert #4

*NOT ON MENU* Heart-shaped sesame waffles, salted caramel ice-cream, cherry compote

This was unexpected and excellent. The waffle was so crispy and broke like a cracker (almost), I could have eaten it with all that sesame on its own!

Waffles 2
Dessert #4 / 2

The beautifully plated ice-cream dressed in ika flowers, cherry compote and strawberries heaped themselves on the surprise dish. LOVED IT.

Fruits & Macarons
Dessert #5

Dessert #5

Fruits - Kumquat, bitter cocoa bean, lemongrass; Yumenoka strawberry, chamomile, pine cone; grilled pineapple, 20-year-old mirin; musk melon, "Manzanilla", pine nut oil; cherry, sakura, liquorice

Macaron - pistachio, matcha, shiro miso

The macaron was the best thing to end the evening (though it was past midnight so technically, it was the next day). Roasted pistachioes with matcha gave the lively green color, whilst shiro (or white) miso and a touch of fleur de sel (or sea salt) knocked the flavor combination out of the park. IT WAS VERY GOOD.

Without hesitation, I would visit Restaurant Zén in a heartbeat because it is worth every single penny. (Valet parking, please!) It's quite the norm to "recover" from a big meal the night before because of the high carb, fat and sugar intake. Not this time. There was no bloatedness or feeling of guilt for over-eating. I felt so good about myself and went about the next day uneventfully. Let's see how many stars they're gonna get.

A very big thank you to executive head chef Marcus Jernmark, head chef Tristan Farmer, general manager Aaron Jacobson, and the lovely people who make up this passionate and knowledgeable team.


Restaurant Zén

41 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089855

Open from Tuesday - Saturday for dinner only

Cuisine : Modern Nordic with French and Japanese inspirations

Seating Capacity : 24

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