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[Private Dining] Dearborn - Sweet Dreams Are Made of Seaweed


Chapter 3

I'm salivating just talking about this. Seaweed Madeleine.

Seaweed Madeleine

Seaweed Madeleine 2
Pre-Dessert #1/2


Seaweed madeleine with whipped creme fraiche

OH MY WORD. Salty seaweed, specifically aonori (which contributed to the "speckles") and wakame (which gave that tinge of sweetness), in this buttery cake is genius. Swabbing every torn piece with soft peaks of whipped creme fraiche, SICK, JUST SICK. Can we order in bulk please?

Coconut Sorbet

Coconut Sorbet 2
Dessert #1/2


Textures of coconut - coconut sorbet, coconut crumble, coconut meringue

Chef was exploring the local neighborhood market one day before he chanced upon meeting a very interesting character who was selling fresh coconuts and ubi (tapioca). Having lived in the US for so long, it was such a thrill to find fresh coconuts quite easily here in Southeast Asia. Of course, Chef gravitated to this tropical fruit and did good by it. It was my first time in a long time having coconut as a sorbet instead of spooning into a milk-based ice-cream, and then having it with all the other elements of the same source but different textures. The aftertaste was clean and didn't overstay their welcome, if you know what I mean. Sometimes coconut oil gets heavy on the tongue, leaving an unwanted film residue. Here though, the well-harmonised flavors were given a little lift with lime.

It's not a common thing to sit through a whole meal and have the desserts done as well as the savory dishes. Usually something has to give, but this meal just got better and better as the evening wore on.

Fortune Cookie
Chinese Takeout Box

Homemade Fortune Cookie


This one I did not expect. Handmade tuile fortune cookies that were a little fragile but oh so buttery were handed out in typical takeout boxes usually used by Chinese family restaurants in the States. "If you eat something and no one sees you eat it, it has no calories", was what my slip read.

Take Home Granola In Reusable Glass Jar

Take Home Granola In Reusable Glass Jar #1/2

Homemade Superfood Granola

Like we didn't have enough to eat! Each and every person was given this to take home - homemade toasted maple and cranberry granola mixed with a generous pour of nuts, such as almonds and pumpkin seeds, and a touch of coconut in a reusable glass jar. It smells divine. It's a very big jar of superfood goodies but we're taking our time to savor it with greek yoghurt. The last time I hauled back some homemade granola was after a meal at Eleven Madison Park, and it was presented in a glass container too. Unforgettable experience then, unforgettable experience now.

Looking through my posts on Dearborn, one can easily see what one pays for - 1. a curated variety of produce 2. in satisfying portions, 3. composed into personal recipes and 4. professionally executed by 5. an experienced Michelin-kitchen chef. As for me, hit me up if you've already snagged a booking but have a few seats available (and maybe get a refill on that luxurious homemade granola)! I'll take them anytime.

A very big thank you to chef extraordinaire Christopher Kong, his lovely wife and her beautiful sister who made the evening such a breeze to get through.



East of Singapore (address will be revealed when booking is confirmed)

Open from Friday - Saturday for dinner, by reservation only

Cuisine : modern American - meatless with an emphasis on locally sourced produce

Seating Capacity : minimum 6, maximum 8

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