Part Three : 24-Hour Guide To Luang Prabang

Is This The Shangri-La of Laos?

Final Chapter

In this last chapter, I realized there are a gazillion photo's and video's in my archive that I just can't wait to show you! Expect sporadic one-liners and MEGA GORGEOUS NATURE plus i haven't forgotten this is a food blog so there are local dishes featured here too.

Treat this post like a picture book with only the most essential information.

🏝 1400 hours : Following up from the last post, we got hungry after visiting Ock Pop Tok - the local textile village. So as advised by Ms Hannah Chia, we drove to Carpe Diem Restaurant which is on the way to the most talked about local attraction there, Kuang Si waterfall. This restaurant is not just another regular place enclosed within four walls. The "interior decor" is simply nature. Clear flowing water, mini waterfalls, and even a swimming "pool" area that is linked to the Nam Khan river tributary. I couldn't help but wash my face with the cooling water (15-16º Celsius) as it was so hot out, almost 40º Celsius! It really felt like a secret garden guarding a mini Kuang Si waterfall, without the majestic scene of the 50-meter drop.

I don't swim but if you do, bring your swimmers, a dry towel and a change of clothes. Oh, and wear shoes with a good grip! There is also a book of local eats too served modern restaurant-style. Check them out 👇🏻

Carpe Diem Restaurant

Picturesque Passage Into The Restaurant

Hello, Ellie!

The Dek Noy Place - See-Saw, Get It?

Once Inside This Hidden Oasis...

First Look Into The Restaurant

Crossing The Bridge to The Balcony

Another Bridge We Didn't Dare Cross

Swimming Pool

Chasing Waterfalls

A Mini Waterfall!

Serenity Now - A Short Video of Our Surroundings

A Mini Twin Waterfall

Lemongrass Stuffed with Fried Minced Pork

Laotian Cuisine Is Served.

Chicken Laap with Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice Goes With Almost Everything!

Tilapia with Lemon Sauce, Potatoes and Vegetables

Green Curry Soup of Tofu and Vegetables

Carpe Diem Restaurant

This place is one of my top three places to visit when in Luang Prabang. It's not for the food, but the full experience of dining outdoors in nature (and if you must, for the 'gram), and a prelude to the famed Kuang Si Waterfall. 5% of proceeds go to not-for-profit ASAS or L'ASsociation pour les ASsociations as they are known in Switzerland. The donated money funds toothbrushes, school books, soap, limited hospital expenses and even a boat to transport students to and from school on the Mekong river.

On the way up to Kuang Si Waterfall

Open Daily

Time : 9am - 5pm

Tél. : +856 (0) 20 98 67 67 41

Email :

1530 hours : We took a short walk to the entrance of the much-talked-about local attraction. It seems you have not been to Luang Prang if you've not been to Kuang Si Waterfall. One might think it's just more greenery and water, and that's it. I was surprised at the unexpected! You would not believe what we laid our eyes on every step of the way.

🌺 Firstly, it's not just another waterfall. It's like a nature reserve. We visited at the tail-end of spring so the sappan tree was blooming, and we spotted ginormous pink ginger torch flowers and what some refer to as "fake" birds of paradise or heliconia flowers that hang like fiery lanterns.

🐻 Secondly, the road to the famed body of water is long. It was almost a 20-minute walk to the fo0t of the waterfall and we took our time sniffing out flowers, plants and cutie bears!

🏊‍♀️ Lastly, peeps who enjoy swimming in natural pools would want to get in here and take some cool selfies. You'll notice that the water seems turquoise in color? Because the structure is surrounded by limestone mountains which lend white calcium carbonate to the otherwise clear water. It turns into a milky color once mixed with the salt that can also be found in toothpaste.

Find This Signage to Kuang Si Waterfall

The Pathway To Laos' Shangri-La Is Paved By Sappan Trees

Ginger Torch Flowers & "Birds of Paradise" Are Abundant This Season

AKA Lobster Claw Flowers

Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre

Pause and Breathe

We've Arrived

Landscape View of the Main Kuang Si Waterfall

Waterfall Terraces That Stretch For 18 Miles (29 Kilometers)

The Selfies Begin

Kelp from Nam Khan River

Close-Up on The Kelp Which Was Sold At Morning Market In Treated Sheets

The Other Waterfall

Yet Another Waterfall with Terraces

Bring Your Swimmers

Natural Pool In Paradise

From A Distance

Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary

Second Bear House

Free The Bears

Kuang Si Waterfall

As you can see Kuang Si Waterfall is not just a literal waterfall but there are just so many things to see, and so many places to swim in. The entry fee is 20,000 kip per person (approx. US$2.30 / SG$3.14). As far as I know it, we didn't find any food or drink stalls once we passed the entrance gates so visitors will have to pre-pack them or purchase before walking in. For recreational swimmers and social media, it would be best to have a designated friend to take care of belongings on dry land. There are changing rooms too.

Bet you didn't think you'd find moon bears here either! The Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre was set up since 2003, so if you support their cause please donate and/or buy a t-shirt. Free The Bears!

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