Discovering Life One Plate At A Time

Hello, I’m Jillyeats. I can’t help but share my honest opinions on food in Singapore, Asia, Europe and everywhere else on the world map. Curiousity haunts me like a cat, so I’m always up for bizarre eats, farflung adventures and almost-impossible to book restaurant seats. Coffee and kitties will always be part of my life fuel. I would never have been able to live my life without my husband’s full support and love. “Life is long, so make full use of it!”, said me.


It’s Smellin’ Rosemead

“It’s beautiful, it’s difficult and it’s as close to heritage cooking as you can get. Working with an open hearth is a feeling that...

Go On, Fool Me.

The Full Book "The brainchild of Chef-Owner Rishi Naleendra and Group Beverage Manager Vinodhan Veloo, FOOL is a modern wine bar that...

PRU : The Farm Tour

"We are committed to shortening the distance from farm to table in our kitchen and PRU’s dining room. We also work alongside Phuket’s...

Tokyo Trigger #3: Umi

The Full Book This was my third sushi restaurant on my second day in Tokyo - Umi. I might have mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of...


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